The leader governed his country for more than 50 years.

Young children soon pick up words they hear.


If you want a sandwich, raise your hand.


I was hoping you could give me a hand.

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How is your business going?


You must be working all the hours of the day.

This has been great.

That sounds like something Shawn would say.


I'll have what he's having.

To tell the truth, he is a famous lawyer.

Start over.

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A white dove is on the roof.

That cat is brown.

Let them do the dirty work.

Chip sure does sleep a lot.

The power plant was mothballed because of its outdated technology.

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It's not my problem. It's yours.

She told a white lie out of necessity.

Since it's written in easy English, even you can read that book.

They have no respect for authority.

I found my father's diary which he kept for 30 years.

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I was sentenced to hibernation for trying to protect people like you.


There are only four hundred demonstrators in the square.

Spending time together is important.

It's said that that soldier fears no bullets.

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If you take your shoes off before coming into the house you won't bring in any dirt from your shoes.

What's your father do?

Kamel doesn't like to socialize.

Do you like ancient history?

No one saw anything.

Brandon said it was a diamond.

Could I have a sip?

Tell me why you're so upset.

Norman has a bean bag chair in his office.

Who's your girlfriend?

The audience stood and applauded.

Franklin never tells lies.

I have to watch my figure.


I thought you were going to say that.


Teresa regretted her errors.


The price of Coca-Cola at the buffet increased.

Koalas are more popular than kangaroos.

They tried to handcuff her.

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Are you going to eat that bread?

I'm still Hurf's boyfriend, I think.

She flapped at the fly with a newspaper.

Don't give it a thought.

He always leaves home at seven.

Konrad slept an hour.

I've cried a lot.

You know that feeling?

Each generation thinks it invented sex; each generation is totally mistaken.

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Try to do better in the future.


Frank is a powerlifter.

Can I have a copy of that?

Monty is the one who painted our garage.

I advise you not to borrow money from your friends.

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

What's on the menu?

His manners were anything but pleasant.

Don't put the saddle on the wrong horse.

Dan didn't even give the badge back.


It almost sounds like you don't want to go.

Jimmy didn't like it much.

He's done business with this company for years.


Betty didn't know that happened.

"Let's go," he said to me.

I must make an apology to her.


The situation has taken on a new aspect.

Do you have any candles?

That's a subject I know nothing about.

General Motors laid off 76,000 of its workers.

Tollefsen told me about what happened to Steve.

Linda isn't good at driving.

I'm not going to have this stupid argument with you anymore.


She's a remarkable young lady.

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I am crazy over you.

I made a deal with him.

Micah's anger blazed out suddenly.

Takao looks tired this evening.

Our new neighbour is always there whenever we need help with anything.

Maybe it's about time I started learning to program.

A hundred years is called a century.

What do you do to stay in shape?

Do you think there's any chance that Rolfe knows Bill's phone number?

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I managed to bring him around to my way of thinking.


I have a feeling Urs won't be here today.

Bryce's prediction was correct.

Diana seems to be unable to interact normally with other people.

What do you think I need to do?

Patricio is running out of time.

She deserved it.

It's time you two talked.

"I wonder what this is," said Tony.

The ship was not damaged.


I've never flown first class.


Can you tell us what inspired you most?

She doesn't even know that I exist.

Jennie had nothing left to eat.

Ken is still studying in Boston, isn't he?

I have a three-stage plan for success.

I don't need any bit of your charity.

You need not have come all the way from such a distant place.

This hat is cheap at 1000 yen.

I told you this is how it would end.

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We're old friends.


Why don't you show Heinz around town?

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No said something to Neil that I couldn't hear.

I wanted to talk about it.

Can you put me up tonight?

Why doesn't Lewis know that?

We're not living together.

You managed it after all.

Once upon a time, there lived a stingy old man in the village.


Bradford's funeral was three days ago.

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I feel sympathy for people with that disease.


I think it's time for me to buy a new camera.

I cannot speak Chinese. I can just read it.

If you try very hard, you will succeed.

They deal with Muslims.

Which one will you choose?

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Clem, can you stay still for five minutes?

He comes home at ten.

Did you find anything that might be useful?


It worked for me.


Darryl told me this would only take three hours.

I'll be back at six.

Her name was wrongly spelled.

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"How do you like my hair?", asked Giles to her husband.

She left with someone else.

Olof told Glenn why he was late for her party.

Somebody killed her.

It looks like it is going to rain.


Spock stole from me.

Why are you stopping now?

I'm worried about everybody.

I'm your only hope.

Gideon hates it when people keep him waiting.

I have business with Mosur.

I wouldn't celebrate just yet.

What game is it?

There has probably been a mistake.


They came to make peace.

Donal told me you were dissatisfied.

I've had similar feelings.


I still remember Kevin.

I thought Edwin would just sign the contract without reading it carefully.

Some humorists do randomness right, and some are breaded and lightly fried with herbs.

You must take off your hats in the presence of ladies.

Ofer and Liza live in a gated community.

Everyone gathered around him.

The operation was very serious, but Daniele came through.

The teacher read the book.

My father feels satisfied about this result.

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The woman drinks water now.

The other day when I stopped by at a friend's house, it wasn't my friend that came out of the front door, but her husband.

You may stay.

I've never really liked Kee very much.

France is the largest country in Western Europe.

We have to deal with that first.

Konstantinos is so fat he needs two seats on an airplane.